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'm disappointed nobody's on rsa going, yee-haw! bikes. maybe easier to control. >> this happens in just about every country in the world except here in our country. wr rarely see this unless you're in a teeny, tiny town. everywhere else you see this, sheep, cattle, a lot of livestock on the roadways. >> most of the times on american roads, it's when their dead. >> oh. >> if you think about it, though, it really was about as long as a red light. >>> let's take a trip to a nice little sheep farm in the united kingdom. let's take a look at terry, the sheep. do you notice anything different about terry? >> terry's wearing socks. >> what's up with terry's head? >> this is twisted -- >> he hasn't been sheared yet for the season. >> he does still have his wool, but gayle, you are the closest. this sheep's head is upside-d n upside-down. >> sure he's not just turning it? >> absolutely positive he's not just turning it. this sheep was born with his head cadly wonked. >> cadly wonked? >> which is a technical term for upside-down. veterinarians have looked at terry. they have decided that terry does no
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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2